4 Reasons Why You Should Engage A Tutor From A Tuition Agency

Every student tends to face stress/challenges in school, and it’s common for all students to face these academic struggles.

According to a news article from The Straits Times, “MOE should study how the tuition industry is complementing the excellent job of school teachers and see what is missing in school lessons.”

Where can I find a private tutor who can suit my child’s needs?

Learning Compass – #1 Service-Oriented Tuition Agency is a tuition agency in Singapore that helps to match parents to 1-1 private home tutor.

Here we would like to share the Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Engage A Tutor From A Tuition Agency.

#1: Massive Database of Reliable Tutors

When it comes to selecting a suitable home tutor, many parents will seek a few essential teaching qualities such as:

  1. A tutor who is able to build rapport with his/her students.
  2. A tutor who is able to provide feedback/communicate frequently with the parents regarding the student’s progress.
  3. Committed & professional tutor who is able to adapt to the student’s needs.

Our tuition agency has a massive database of reliable tutors. We will be able to filter your requirements & provide you with useful information such as a tutor’s qualifications, specializations, teaching experience & methodologies.

#2: Educational Background Checks

Different home tutors charge different tuition fees, mostly according to the years of teaching experience they have or the qualifications that they hold.

We can provide what you need – Parents’ feedback, students’ track records/testimonials, or the number of successful assignments passed to the tutor from the tuition agency.

#3: Tuition Arrangement Well Taken Care Of

Think of a tuition agency as a free & additional help to you. You provide us with the requirements you need & we do the rest of the necessary searches & checks for you.

No additional agency fees are to be paid, and no deposits to be made – just pay for lessons that are completed.

Here at Learning Compass, we provide a paid-trial lesson for your child. As compared to some enrichment centres which have a fixed number of lessons/months to commit to, Learning Compass offers a commitment-free lesson.

Besides that, if a tutor’s teaching style doesn’t match the needs of your child, we will do a replacement tutor for you without charging any additional fees.

#4: Fix A Tuition Session According To Your Preference

One of the main benefits of having a home tutor is that parents will be able to observe the lessons being held at home.

However, due to working hours, most parents find it a challenge to send their kids to tuition at a fixed time & location.

A tuition agency will be able to source home tutors who are able to accommodate the student’s preferred day/time.


Engaging a private mentor can help students to boost their confidence & catch up in school when they’ve fallen behind.

Here at Learning Compass, there is a range of 30,000 tutors for you to consider from. We do the filtering for you & ensure that these home tutors are well-vetted & best suit your child’s academic needs.

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