FAQs For Clients


Frequently Asked Questions From Clients/Parents.
For More Info, WhatsApp Us Directly @ +8153 3265.

Option 1: Learning Compass Website: https://singaporeprivatehometuition.com/request-for-tutor/

You may fill up our tutor request form via our website (takes 3-5 minutes). Alternatively, if you’re in a hurry, you may fill up our short tutor request form (name, contact & email) & our coordinators will get in touch with you ASAP.

Option 2: Contact Us Directly (WhatsApp/Call) @ +65 8153 3265

1. Once we have received your tutor form request / tutor requirements, we will proceed to filter for  tutors according to your tutor preferences.

2. Once there are suitable tutors applying for you, we will send the tutor profiles over to you. From there, you may shortlist the tutor who best suits your requirements.

3. Once you have confirmed a tutor of your choice, the agency will send a soft-copy of a confirmation note to both the client & the tutor to confirm the tuition arrangement.

A confirmation note includes mainly the tuition starting date, tuition location, client & tutor contact details as well as  the terms & conditions. 

No contract – no fixed commitment period / no. of lessons to fulfill. You may terminate lessons anytime.

No additional fees to be paid. You just have to pay for the lessons attended.

For long-term assignments (More than 3 months): The tuition agency will be collecting 50% of the first full month’s lesson fees / first 2 weeks of the lesson fees. From the 3rd week onwards, the lesson fees will go to the tutor.

For short-term / ad-hoc assignment (Less than 3 months): The tuition agency will only be collecting 25% of the first month’s lesson fees / first week of the lesson fees. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Not to worry, no contract is involved nor a minimum period / no. of lessons to commit to.

Should you find the tutor unsuitable for the first lesson / first few lessons, kindly inform us of the termination.

Moving forward, we will inform the previous tutor of the termination & arrange a new replacement tutor for you.

ALL lesson fees are to be paid for lessons that are completed. No additional fees will be charged for arranging a replacement tutor for you. Likewise, first two weeks of the lessons to the agency, & 3rd week onwards to the tutor.

50% of one lesson fee will be charged directly to the tutor if a client cancels the tuition 3 hours before the lesson. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis / tutor’s decision.

If the student is unable to turn up for the lessons, kindly inform the tutor at least 24 hours before the lesson to avoid any cancellation fee.

1. PayNow Via UEN .
2. Bank Transfer via OCBC Account.

No advanced payment is to be made to the agency, you’re only required to make the payment of tuition fees after the 2nd week of lesson fees are completed.

From the 3rd week onwards, you will be paying the tutor directly. Payment method / frequency can be discussed with the tutor directly once a confirmation note has been sent.

For Learning Compass’s tuition rates, click on this link to find out more – https://singaporeprivatehometuition.com/tuition-rates/

We have a range of tutors ranging from part-time tutors, full-time tutors, NIE-trained teachers or Ex/Current MOE teachers. Some tutors/teachers may charge a different/higher rate due to a few factors they have to take into account such as the location of the tuition, time/cost required to travel down, supplement of learning materials/notes, years of teaching experience or qualifications, etc.

If you have further queries/feedback, please feel free to reach us at +65 8153 3265 or contactus.learningcompass@gmail.com. 😀