FAQs For Tutors


Frequently Asked Questions From Tutors/Teachers.
For More Info, WhatsApp Us Directly @ +8153 3265.

Kindly take 5 minutes to fill up your tutor registration form via our website – https://singaporeprivatehometuition.com/tutor-sign-up/

Details such as your name, age, qualifications & teaching experience will be included in your tutor profile, which will be sent to the client upon your application for our assignments.

We welcome Undergraduates, Graduates & Ex/Current Teachers to join us!

– Minimum Age: 18 Years Old

– Possess at least an A Levels Cert / Diploma Cert
– Up-to-date & familiar with the latest MOE syllabus / curriculum / exam requirements

Singaporean Citizens, PRs & Foreigners are welcome to apply. Foreigners are required to be granted permission by MOM / IRAS in order to be eligible to register with us.

In order to apply for ANY assignments, you will first have to register with us as a tutor here – https://singaporeprivatehometuition.com/tutor-sign-up/

There are 2 methods to receiving/viewing our assignments:
1. We will send you assignments via SMS (the SMS will include the application link for that particular assignment/code)
2. You may join our Telegram group @ t.me/tuition_assignments & apply through the link attached for any particular assignment/code you’re keen on.

We will then forward your application to the client & update you if you’re shortlisted.

Tutors will be asked to state which tutor type they belong to when filling up the registration form.

There are mainly 3 Tutor Types:
Part-Time Tutors, Full-Time Tutors & Ex/Current Teachers.

Part-Time Tutors are mostly University Undergraduates with 1-2 years of tutoring experience.
Full-Time Tutors are mostly Graduates/Degree Holders with more than 3-5 years of tutoring experience.
Ex/Current Teachers are usually NIE/MOE-Trained, with more than 5-10 years of teaching experience.

For more info: https://singaporeprivatehometuition.com/tuition-rates/

Should you find trouble accessing the Registration/Application Page, please feel free to contact us directly via our WhatsApp Line @ +65 8153 3265.

We will try our best to recommend your tutor profile/portfolio to the parents/clients, however, some clients may opt for other tuition agencies as well.

To increase the opportunity of you getting selected/shortlisted, it’s advisable to include more relevant details/testimonials in your assignment application. (E.g. number of students taught / how the students have fare under your guidance)

Good luck & we certainly look forward to working with every one of you. 

For Long-Term assignments (More than 3 months): The tuition agency will be collecting 50% of the first full month’s lesson fees / first 2 weeks of the lesson fees from the client directly. From the 3rd week onwards, the lesson fees will go to the tutor directly.

For Short-Term / Ad-Hoc assignment (Less than 3 months): The tuition agency will only be collecting 25% of the first month’s lesson fees / first week of the lesson fees from the client directly. The rest of the lesson fees will go to the tutor directly.

This will be determined on a case-by-case basis. 

Commissions are collected based on the long-term intended duration & frequency.

Eg. If the lesson is 1.5 Hours, Once A Week & client decides to have lessons Twice A Week after the first few lessons, the agency will collect the lesson fees based on Twice A Week.

Likewise, if the lesson is 1.5 Hours, Twice A Week & client decides to shorten the frequency to Once A Week, the agency will collect the lesson fees based on Once A Week only.

This only applies to lessons that have been conducted within the first 3 months.

If a client postpone a class less than 3 hours before the first lesson, he/she is liable to pay 50% of the first lesson fees to the tutor directly. 

If classes are terminated in less than 4 weeks, the agency will collect 50% of the total lesson fees, the remaining 50% will go to the tutor.

If classes are terminated after/more than 4 weeks, the agency will collect only the first 2 weeks of the lesson fees, the remaining lesson fees will go to the tutor.

No contract/minimum number of lessons to commit to. A confirmation note will be sent to both clients & tutors upon any lesson confirmation.

However, our assignments are usually long-term unless otherwise stated, & most clients look for tutors/teachers who are committed & responsible.

In the event of an emergency whereby you’re not able to commit/continue anymore, please inform us as soon as possible so that we can arrange a replacement tutor for the client.

If you have further queries/feedback, please feel free to reach us at +65 8153 3265 or contactus.learningcompass@gmail.com. 😀